Why a web passport and web citizenship?

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Why Web Passport

Why a web passport and web citizenship?

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Grab your web
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Grab your web passport now!

Grab your web passport now!


Every individual has the right of an identity, a citizenship and a passport to prove his nationality and country of origin.

In our world of advanced computer technologies and almost permanent life over the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW), we tend to miss the important fact that our online being is our citizenship in a new country - a global virtual country without borders, boundaries, but in demand of some rules and most important, in demand of a proof of our virtual identity.

What we want to offer each member and virtual resident of this complicated online world is your new virtual identity - your second citizenship and second passport, your alternative residence, where you will no longer need a dual citizenship and no longer have immigration problems. And this is hassle free problem - cause you are already there.

You can image it as a new big country, a WWW land with a virtual Embassy or consulate that issues to each one of you, wishing to be proud and trustworthy citizen, a real passport or identification document that would completely match your physical identity, but bring you to a higher level of virtual security.

Your WEB CITIZENSHIP and WEB PASSPORT are the future keys to make other people online trust you. Give them the feeling of security and safeness to know the person on the other end.

We will strive with all legal methods to make your second passport to become a worldwide standard for a virtual identity, to make other states, governments and customs authorities accept it as a true document of your second citizenship and a non lesser substitute provenance as your current ID and passport are.

We will issue FREE WEB PASSPORTS to Diplomats and members of the United Nations (UN), Government officials, members of other Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs Departments and Embassies. This will be done in order to receive their free will to help our cause and promote this new standard of virtual identity.

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